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       Unbelievable service! I asked them to deep clean my carpets today and they provided such professional, cordial workmanship from start to finish.    
Anna P.03/11/2023

       Placing my trust in Pimlico Cleaning Services, I envisioned a successful outcome; also apparent was how excited their team was at the prospect! Reassurance was provided before any work began which then led them to go over-and-above expectation with a top-notch performance during that day's events.    
Pat C.15/05/2023

       I desperately wanted a clean carpet. I just didn't know how to go about it. I eventually hired this firm. They did all the right things and left my carpet looking beautiful and fantastically clean.    
R. Long25/04/2023

       I cannot express enough how pleased I am with Cleaners Pimlico's office cleaning staff that come to our workplace; each one is so friendly, impeccably dressed and performs their tasks efficiently.    
Geoff R.22/02/2023

       The two team members sent over by Pimlico Cleaners showed themselves to be experts at what they did - arriving right on time, keeping us aware of all developments as they happened, being well mannered throughout, and not leaving anything out of place afterwards either! We'll certainly look into utilizing them once more!     
Robert Byrne 09/02/2023

       I had an end of tenancy cleaning appointment with Pimlico Cleaning. They were very prompt to answer my enquiries and exceptionally supportive when speaking over the phone. As a nice gesture, they even phoned me as a reminder for the booking.     

       Only good things to say about the cleaners at Cleaning Pimlico, helpful, polite, professional and hard workers. Can't fault them.    
Eric Lowe30/03/2018

        Pimlico Cleaning is a cost-effective solution for any budget range. They performed excellent domestic cleaning services for me and now everything looks perfect.    
B. Hodgson28/06/2017

       I recently purchased a new house and the owner had left it in a sad state. The kitchen needed a scrub and the bathroom was absolutely dirty. I liked that this firm attended to my case even at such a short notice. We had to settle in soon and move in the furniture, they understood and sent in their team immediately. My house shone and we are all happy with the end result. I would definitely use services of Cleaners Pimlico again.    
Lucy M.23/06/2016

       I was over the moon with PimlicoCleaners who recently helped me by cleaning my home up after I had removed all of the appliances and furniture. The end of tenancy clean was done by a few cleaners and they covered every little detail. I am amazed at how clean the place looks. Hiring help saved me a lot of hassle and time and didn't cost much either!    
Michelle S.13/01/2016

        Pimlico Cleaners has skilled labour force that is also well mannered and polite. We hired them for a post-Christmas party home cleaning. None of our assets were damaged in the process. The team took excellent care of the house and cleaned it in no time. We will not hesitate in asking them for another service.    
Jerry Taylor08/05/2015

       I can honestly say that hiring PimlicoCleaners was the best decision I've made this year! I needed help with flat cleaning, and this company really blew my expectations out of the water by giving my flat a really thorough clean. Every area of my home was tended to, leaving me with no complaints or issues. What a brilliant service! Would highly recommend!    
Leon H.29/01/2015

       Wanted to drop by and see whether anyone else had the same excellent help which I received. Looking through the comments, it's hard to disagree with anything much and I can definitely agree with the overwhelmingly positive approach to getting everything done correctly. PimlicoCleaners, for me, are now the default cleaning choice against which all others will be judged. In this regard, the others have a lot to measure up to. Great choice for cleaning your home.    
Ella Joseph07/01/2015

       I was over the moon with the office cleaning service I use every week. I appointed PimlicoCleaners after a friend was raving what a good service they had. I use the cleaners every week to polish, sweep, empty bins and vacuum. The cleaning rates are good and the work is done to a high standard. If I want more cleaning done I only have to ask and it gets done. A great team and they are easy to deal with and polite.    
Sandra Neal24/11/2014

       End of tenancy cleaning is something every tenant dreads be it secretly or openly. Nobody really has the time or the wish to clean the old place from top to bottom when in the middle of a stressful move to a new spot. We decided to shake off that worry and simply leave it to the professionals which meant contacting PimlicoCleaners and getting them to send over a cleaning team. They were prompt, polite and utterly professional in every way. When they had finished the flat looked amazing and our landlord was as happy with how the place looked as we were. A result all round I would say!     
Bill P.09/10/2014

       I haven't got a bad word to say about PimlicoCleaners, especially after the excellent job they did in my kitchen. I have never seen anything as clean as that after they had finished in there. All of the cupboards were clean, the fridge de-moulded, and the freezer was clean as well. The hob and oven were so clean, I could hardly believe they were 10 years old! My cleaner even cleaned out the microwave as well. Impressed doesn't even begin to cover it!     
Marina Fowles04/09/2014

       Being someone who works from home, my surroundings is key to performing well. This is doubly important for a writer like myself, because I need a steady stream of inspiration, and that's hard when your flat's a mess. So I hired PimlicoCleaners after a friend recommended it, and things have definitely picked up. They did a far better job of cleaning than I could have ever done, and they've left me more time to get my work done and then relax! The service was simple to hire, the cleaners themselves were a joy to be around. It was a great experience, and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to be part of it!    

       I have used the reliable services of PimlicoCleaners when I needed to find a carpet cleaning company to remove some stains from my loop pile carpet. I was first given an exact price for the whole job and offered several time slots in which one of their operators could visit my home to carry out the necessary work. I was more than satisfied with both the price and the end result which left my carpet looking like new. The representatives of this company were absolutely wonderful and totally dedicated to what they do and if I ever need a professional carpet cleaning firm again I will not hesitate to use them.    
Ian Smithson24/07/2014

       Well my house was in a complete state and I just could not summon up the motivation to clean it so I decided to take the advice of a friend and call PimlicoCleaners. I had heard that their cleaning prices were the best around and I was amazed with their quote. They came with no fuss or hassle and cleaned my house from top to bottom. I have never seen the place look so clean. They also gave me some great tips and techniques to keep on top of things- but I decided to book them in for a regular service anyway.    
Philip H30/06/2014

       I wanted my house cleaned just as a one off service to get the place in some order. I was busy with work and hobbies and just didn't have the time for cleaning. I was passed on this cleaning company called PimlicoCleaners and thought I would give them a go. They were brilliant, from my first meeting to discuss my requirements. They quoted a price I was happy with and we arranged a date. The cleaners arrive on time, with a stack of equipment and cleaning solutions. They dusted, swept, polished, mopped and vacuumed the entire house from top to bottom. They didn't miss a thing. The end result was wonderful. I had never seen the place look so clean, great job and thanks.    
Janie Ellis12/06/2014

       I've had my leather divan now for 7 years and I have to admit, it was looking pretty tired. Our cat had also not done it any favours with her little but damaging claws. I had noticed that only weeks ago my neighbor had a firm in to clean his car upholstery of which his seats were also leather. I called round to see if he could recommend the company who done the work. He told me that they are called PimlicoCleaners and he recommended them highly. They gave me a price for their full restoration package, which was very good. The standard of their work was just as attractive as the price so all in all I was very satisfied.    
Denise Hopper26/05/2014

       I am a big fan of PimlicoCleaners and their work. They have been helping me out with the household chores for a couple of months now, and I think it is safe by now to say that they are fabulous at what they do. If anyone out there needs a hand with the chores like washing and cleaning, you know where to get the best service form now. They also work incredibly fast, and it makes for a much cheaper rate than those who charge less but take ages! I am very happy with their service so far.    
Karen Clark14/05/2014

       I have always relied on cleaning companies, as I am just so busy, and so terrible at cleaning! PimlicoCleaners have been my company of choice for a while and I hope that this recommendation will get them the recognition that they deserve for their excellent services! I am always bowled over by how excellently professional they are, whilst also being very pleasant, and such good prices! A friend recommended them to me a while ago, and I have not changed since!    
May S.29/04/2014

       Hey, everybody should book this cleaning company because they are by far the best! I have recently moved into a new flat with my boyfriend and because we are both working long hours (and the new flat is beautiful and I don't want to spoil it!) my mum recommended some cleaners to us. I have never lived with cleaners before but I have to say that this is the way to live! I couldn't believe how cheap they were! And the work that they do is second to none, they don't leave a speck of dust. You can really rely on PimlicoCleaners to give you great value for money and keep your house looking at its best!    

       The whole team at PimlicoCleaners have really been helping me as of late and I wanted to come online and throw my support behind them. I've had them in quite regularly for the last few months and every single time, they've done absolutely amazing work. It's this kind of help which can often go unmentioned but I'm definitely going to mention it to all of my friends. It can be really hard to find a cleaning service which you can trust and which provides a great service and that is what I've found. Great service, thanks again for all the help.     
Cynthia Campbell19/03/2014

       I love having a clean house but I absolutely hate cleaning! I don't like getting dirty, but I always friends visiting and I always want my house to look perfect. I've been hiring a professional house cleaner from PimlicoCleaners for quite a few months now, and I love this service! My cleaner surpasses even my incredibly high standards - every single time! I couldn't be happier with the level of service and with the fantastic cleaning provided by this company. I think everyone should give them a go, especially if you want your home to look its absolute best all of the time!    

       I would never have normally used a cleaner, as I'm quite house proud, and often feel like getting a cleaner in as a bit of a lazy thing to do. I recently took on a new job however, and am a little rushed off my feet at present, so I decided to give PimlicoCleaners a go. They really were very good, and given the speed and efficiency with which they worked, the price was surprisingly low. I will likely be using them more often now that I know how worthwhile their services are!    
M. Newman21/11/2013

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