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Taking Care Of Your Laminate Flooring Taking Care Of Your Laminate Flooring 05 November 2014

Considering how busy people’s lifestyle has become and how little time we have to take care of our homes, it is no surprise that laminate flooring has become so popular as a low-maintenance alternative to fancy wood flooring. However, not many people are aware that during cleaning house, laminate floors cannot be cleaned like any other floor. This is especially true for wooden laminated floors which might expand and warp if subjected to too much moisture. When you install laminate flooring, you will likely receive instructions about how to go about cleaning the floor, but if you haven’t, here are a few home cleaning tips to follow to ensure that your laminate floors are cleaned thoroughly without damage. How to clean laminate flooring1.    Laminate flooring do not need to be deep cleaned often. However, when they do need to, the first thing to do, although not many people do it, is to move your things, big or small, ot of the way. Of course you can work around your furniture, but you will do a better job aat cleaning if you move everything movable out of the room. Doing this, it is important to lift and not drag heavy objects on the floor. This is to ensure that the flooring is not scratched by the object or dirt trapped under it. An easy way to move heavy furniture on your own is to install gliders under their feet. 2.    Begin with a simple sweeping of the floor with a dust mop or a soft bristled broom. Remember to sweep in the direction in which the planks are laid down. This will help remove any dirt stuck in between the planks. Once you are done dusting the loose stuff away, pick up a vacuum cleaner and use the hose attachment to suck in dirt from the corners and deep between the planks. 3.    An easy homemade cleaner solution involves adding a cup of vinegar and a cup of rubbing alcohol to a gallon of water. You can put this solution in a bucket or in a squirt bottle, depending on how you want to use it. Whether you spray a towel with the solution or dip a mop in it, make sure to wring out excess solution as too much moisture might distort the boards and wipe down your boards.4.    The next thing to do to get your house clean is to dry the laminate flooring. This might seem redundant, especially if you used only a slightly damp mop, but this is necessary as laminate flooring easily develops water spots. If an area on the floor has already spotted, use the towel to buff out the spot. Tips to keep laminate floors clean•    Put rugs and doormats in high-traffic areas, especially near the doorways and halls, to trap dirt, dust and water.•    Do not use ammonia or other abrasive chemicals on laminate floors as it removes the protective coating.•    Do not wax or polish laminate floors. They will make your floor slippery and when they wear off unevenly, your floor will look bad. •    Do not steam clean laminate floors as heat and water damage the boards.•    If you cannot remove a stain, try using a towel dipped in nail polish remover to rub it out. Once the stain comes off, wipe the area with distilled water.•    You could also try removing shoe scuffs or other marks by rubbing with nylon fabric.•    If the stains are very stubborn and deep-seated, consider hiring professional cleaning services to tackle the problem.

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