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Living Room Cleaning Tips! Living Room Cleaning Tips! 26 September 2014

Your living room should be a space in which you and your whole family can relax, play and spend time together, but if your living room is unclean or messy then it can be difficult to do this! If you’re looking for some quick and easy living room cleaning tips then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some great cleaning tips to get you started!1)    Make a cleaning schedule.Start by listing all of the jobs that you might have to complete in your living room to keep it clean. This could be anything from vacuuming underneath your sofa cushions to cleaning mirrors or your television. Try not to neglect any areas of your living room – including picture rails, light fittings and fixtures and your bookshelves too! It’s also important to remember to include the jobs that no-one can forget about, including vacuuming, tidying and dusting. Try to fit your cleaning schedule in or around your other obligations so that you never have an excuse to let your cleaning needs slide!2)    Make sure you always have the right cleaning products in your home.Once you know what needs to be done and when it’s time to make a shopping list. From carpet stain removers to vacuum cleaner bags, there are many things that you’re going to need in your home to keep it clean. Make a list of what you have and what you need and try to ensure that your cleaning cupboards are always full!3)    Dedicate an hour or two a week to cleaning your living room.If you have a cleaning schedule then you should know how long a thorough or a quick clean will take you. You don’t need to thoroughly clean your living room every day – why not try to fit in a deep clean once a week, and have a quick tidy-up and vacuum a little more regularly? Try to dedicate an hour or two a week to cleaning your living room – it’s not much time and you’ll love the results that you’ll see!4)    Clean mess and clutter as you go along.One of the best ways to cut-down on clutter and mess in your living room is to tidy as you go. If you move something from its home then make sure to move it back, and clean up spills, dirt and grime as they appear. Doing this will make your deep-clean much easier, and the few seconds that it takes to do a quick clean-up can save you hours in the long run!5)    Invest in storage solutions. One of the biggest reasons for a cluttered living room is a lack of storage space. You might want a holster for your television remotes or more shelves on your walls, whatever you need to keep your surfaces clear and tidy. Have a look online or at your local storage stores to see what storage solutions you can find for a tidier living room!

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