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House Cleaning: Your Children's Bedroom House Cleaning: Your Children's Bedroom 06 January 2015

Our children are our main priority and keeping them both healthy and happy, mentally and physically, is paramount. It can be easy to forget that they’re also their own person and not merely an extension of us. When they’re very young, obviously they will need to be looked after closely but as they grow older, it’s important to give them their own space. Keeping their space, their bedroom, clean and tidy is not only great for their mentality, it’s also good for their health in more than one way, and getting them to take part in your domestic cleaning routine is a positive habit to get them into.Keep it tidyEncouraging your child to clean up after themselves is useful, not just for the present time but also for the future. It’ll teach them good habits and manners while alone and with others. Have plenty of storage boxes to keep their belongings in. Depending on their age and personality, they may want attractively decorated storage solutions, which are available. This will give them an active input into their bedroom and make them feel more included. Storage which fits under their bed or doubles up as seating can be a real space-saver and incredibly practical if your child has a lot of toys, supplies and trinkets. Make sure they know that their toys are their responsibility so they have to put them away. If they learn to tidy up after themselves as they go, it’ll become second-nature and not a chore. HygieneTeaching your child about hygiene and being clean from a young age is another good way if instilling positive habits. Tell them about germs and how, although some are good, many can make you sick, so it’s important to keep everything clean and to wash their hands after using the bathroom, playing outside and before eating. Keep it simple by getting anti-bacterial wipes, which are damp but not wet, so won’t drip or make surfaces slippery, and show them how to wipe down surfaces. Of course, this may be an activity you prefer to do yourself, especially if your kids are particularly young, but teaching them about the dangers of nasty germs can still be useful. Make it fun and explain to them why you’re cleaning so that they understand and may want to help in the future.Wipe down their favourite toys, desk tops, draws – including handles where their hands have been, door handles and other surfaces they could have put their hands. When they’re young, children like to play outside, touch things, pick their noses and get dirty, so don’t underestimate how thorough you need to be. Although getting grimy is part of being a kid and can be build character – as well as their immune system – it’s still crucial we teach them that once you’re back in the house, cleaning is important too. ChoresAs your child gets older, you may want to give them chores either to earn pocket money or just to teach them the importance of cleanliness. Encouraging them to clean their room once a week while you’re carrying out your house cleaning routine, as well as pick up after themselves, is a good way of keeping their room generally clean and tidy. Get them to vacuum their floor and mop it if it’s a hard material. Get them to make their beds daily (which you should change and clean the linen on once a week) and generally take pride in their space.

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