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Giving Your Fridge Freezer A Good Clean Out Giving Your Fridge Freezer A Good Clean Out 08 January 2014

Fridge freezers are incredibly important to keep sanitised as they contain the food that you’re about to consume and food has the tendency to be somewhat dangerous in some situations. This is why cleaning both your fridge and freezer regularly is an advised thing to do. Before you start, get a cool box ready to store your food in to ensure it stays fresh while you’re cleaning.

•    Remove any food or drink and store them in the cool box. Make sure you turn off the appliance by the wall and while removing each product, check the expiry date and throw away anything that has gone past its time.
•    Remove any compartments and shelves. Anything that can be detached can be washed in the same solution as you would clean your regular dishes in. Make sure you tackle any spillages or stains in the fridge and dry the compartments and shelves before replacing them.
•    Clean the inside and outside. Using a cloth, wipe down the inside of the fridge with some solution that is appropriate (or you could use a small amount of bicarbonate of soda mixed in with Luke warm water). Clean all the compartments in the door and the whole of the inside before you replace the compartments and shelves. Once you’ve cleaned the inside, the outside should be wiped down by the handle.
•    Clean the cooling element. At the back of the fridge is where the cooling element is. Running a hoover over this increases efficiency and saves you money!
With fridges, because of the amount of fresh food constantly being put in (and occasionally left in for a bit too long) can cause it to smell a bit ripe sometimes. You can actually fragrance your fridge to stop this from happening and everyday household products such as lemons and freshly ground coffee actually absorb odours which stop the stronger smells from taking over. You can also buy fridge fragrances from local stores.

•    Defrost when there is too much ice. After a long period of time, the ice inside your freezer will build up and it will be difficult to put food in or take it out and sometimes it makes it impossible to even close the door. When this starts to happen, turn off the freezer from the wall and remove any food, check they are all still in date, throw away anything that isn’t and place them inside a cool box. To speed up the defrosting process, you can put a warm bucket of water inside the freezer and let diffusion do its thing.
•    Clean the inside and outside. Just like the fridge, you should take out any compartments or draws and wash them in the same way you would your dishes, once again ensuring they are properly dried before they are put back into the freezer. Once the freezer is defrosted, you should wipe the inside and outside of the freezer in the same way that you did to the fridge.
•    Clean the cooling element. Also like the fridge, the freezer has a cooling element located at the back of it and should be hovered every so often to increase efficiency.
Cleaning a fridge freezer isn’t particularly difficult and the most difficult is probably actually remembering to do it on a regular basis but it’s a task that doesn’t need a whole lot of effort or time for. Don’t forget to organise your fridge appropriately with raw meats on the bottom shelf and away from cooked meat to avoid any cross contamination.

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